VIP Chauffeur Service in Milan:
Luxury Limousines and Minivans for Business and Leisure Clients

The VIP transfer services provided by Vivaldi Professional Driver Service are characterized by a range of premium features and cater to various sectors related to business and leisure (tourism). VIP chauffeur service Milan is a transfer service that caters to all transportation needs and aims to provide complete attention to the client, regardless of their request during the journey.

With years of experience in passenger transport and in-depth knowledge of the city of Milan and the Lombardy region, Vivaldi Professional Driver Service stands out as the best VIP chauffeur agency for any type of journey. All our drivers speak English and offer their professionalism, reliability, and courtesy to provide a service that respects and protects the client’s privacy. Our fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including cars, minivans, and minibuses of the latest models, ensures maximum comfort at the best guaranteed price.

VIP Transfer: All Luxury Transfers

One of our strengths is the speed and ease of renting a luxury vehicle for an VIP transfer service. Transforming customer needs into reality and executing them efficiently are the fundamental aspects on which our transfer services are based.

Private Airport Transfer Service (LIMC and LIML)

Airport transfers to/from private airports in Milan

Elegance and privacy are the hallmarks of our transfer service to Milan’s private airports, Linate and Malpensa. Easily and conveniently book your transfer, and a professional chauffeur, respecting your privacy with the utmost discretion, will greet you with a luxury car on the tarmac to take you to your chosen destination. The service is entirely dedicated to the traveler, who can relax aboard high-end vehicles without worrying about managing their own transportation.

Chauffeur service Linate Private Airport
Chauffeur service Malpensa Private Airport

VIP Transfer

Dedicated transfers for events, ceremonies, and parties

There are occasions when relying on a chauffeur-driven car rental agency to transport participants to a single meeting point is essential. Elegant ceremonies, receptions, or meetings where meticulous organization is required call for a coordinated fleet of vehicles to transport guests. Booking this service showcases style and elegance while providing maximum comfort and safety.

Photography Shoot Chauffeur

Transfer services for models/actors/athletes/entertainment personalities for photoshoots

We are available to form partnerships with entertainment agencies, managers, and assistants to offer private chauffeur services for transporting individuals between various photoshoot or film set locations. Our drivers are committed to respecting the privacy of artists and working on schedule to ensure maximum efficiency during movements between different sets.

Travel with confidence in Mercedes-Benz vehicles and reserve your chauffeur-driven car rental service in Milan through Vivaldi Professional Drivers Service.